About Glendo Reservoir


Glendo is a 12,500 acre reservoir on the North Platte River.  The reservoir and surrounding land makes up Wyoming's Glendo State Park.  It's located 100 miles north of Cheyenne, WY just off of I-25 near the town of Glendo.  

The reservoir has a large variety of underwater habitats which provides good fishing opportunities throughout the year.  The spring brings walleyes to their spawning grounds on the far ends of the reservoir and along the rocky shores.  As the water warms with summer, the large shallow bays become feeding grounds for the walleye foraging on prey around the weed growth.  By fall, the bays have dried up due to the falling water level and the walleyes have moved out to the deep cool water in the main lake to feed on pelagic baitfish.


We usually begin fishing as soon as the ice is off the lake by late March.  Fishing is usually hit-or-miss until after the walleye are finished spawning and the water warms in late April.  After that, the fishing is often consistent and productive all the way until August, when it becomes more difficult to contact fish.  By mid September, the action is typically good again until we end the season at the end of October. 


Weather at Glendo is unpredictable.  It can range anywhere from blistering hot in the summer to bone chilling cold at anytime.  Strong winds are also common, which makes the fish active but can make fishing for them challenging.  Be sure to bring warm clothing anytime of the year.